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Fluffy Cow Club

Fluffy Cow Club

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Unleash Your Inner Cow Lover with The Fluffy Cow Club!

Welcome to the Fluffy Cow Club, where we celebrate the adorable, fluffy, and utterly lovable Scottish Highland cows that call StarWalker Organic Farms home. This membership is perfect for cow enthusiasts, animal lovers, and anyone who wants a unique, behind-the-scenes look at farm life. Here's what you'll get:

šŸ® Private Fluffy Cow Club Facebook Group

  • Exclusive Access: Join our private Facebook group where we share special updates, photos, and more. It's a community of cow lovers just like you

šŸŽ„ Moo Monday Cow Cam

  • Live Farm Experience: Every Monday, tune in to our Cow Cam via our private Facebook group and Zoom Link. Watch our Scottish Highland cows graze, play, and interact in their natural habitat. And yes, StellaBella, our fluffy mascot, will make special appearances!

šŸŽ¤ Wisdom Wednesday: Cow Corner Q&A

  • Interactive Live Sessions: On the first Wednesday of each month, join Jessica, our Livestock Manager, and StellaBella for a live Q&A. We'll answer your questions about cow care, animal health, and share funny anecdotes about our fluffy residents.

šŸ’Œ Moo Mail Newsletter

  • Monthly Insights: Our newsletter covers a range of topics, including:
    • Highland History: Learn about the Scottish Highland breed.
    • Moo-tivational Quotes: Get inspired with cow-themed quotes.
    • Cow Care Tips: Discover how we raise and care for our Scottish Highlands at StarWalker Organic Farms.

šŸŽØ Highland Hues: The Monthly Moo Drop

  • Digital Fun & Art: Sent out on the 1st of each month, this digital drop includes:
    • Interactive Polls or Quizzes: Test your cow and farming knowledge.
    • Kids' Corner: Fun activities for the little ones, like cow puzzles or games.
    • Digital Cow Images: Exclusive photos of our Scottish Highland cows.

šŸŽ Merchandise Drawing

  • Monthly Draw: On the last Monday of each month during our Moo Monday Cow Cam Live, all Fluffy Cow Club members will be entered into a merchandise drawing. Who knows, you might just win some StarWalker swag!

Join the Fluffy Cow Club today and immerse yourself in the world of fluffy cows, educational insights, and a community that shares your love for these adorable creatures. šŸ®šŸ’•

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