StarWalker Farms Jerky

StarWalker Farms Jerky


      Enjoy StarWalker Organic Farms Beef Jerky & Bacon Jerky

      New Beef Jerky Line with our Scottish Highland Beef

      Flavors ~
       **Original Smoked Dry Beef Strips**: Our Original jerky is a timeless classic, with a savory taste of premium Scottish Highland Beef sweetened with brown sugar. Every bite is a nostalgic journey into traditional jerky flavors, featuring our beef raised in organic pastures.

      **Cowboy Smoked Dry Beef Strips**: Cowboy-style jerky takes you on a wild west adventure! Infused with natural pineapple juice, Jalapeno peppers, and a touch of salt, it's a bold and smoky delight for those seeking a tangy heat and a hearty texture.

      **Whiskey Maple Smoked Dry Beef Strips**: A treat for the gourmet adventurer, our Whiskey Maple jerky blends the rich sweetness of dried maple syrup with a hint of robust whiskey. The smoky beef flavor perfectly complements the unique blend, making every bite a taste sensation.

      **Garlic Smoked Beef Strips**: Garlic lovers, rejoice! Our Garlic jerky brings a rich and robust flavor with a well-rounded sweetness from brown sugar. Each strip is an aromatic blend that merges the pungent notes of garlic with our naturally raised beef.

      **Habanero Smoked Beef Strips**: Turn up the heat with our Habanero jerky! Sweet brown sugar is blended with a potent mix of crushed red chilis, cayenne, habanero, and Jalapeno peppers, creating an irresistibly spicy and savory treat. It's a jerky that bites back!

       **Teriyaki Smoked Beef Strips**: Embrace the East with our Teriyaki jerky. The harmonious blend of brown sugar and spices infuses our organic beef with an irresistibly sweet and savory flavor. It's an exotic journey of taste in every strip.

      Each of these mouthwatering jerky flavors captures the essence of our Scottish Highland Beef, raised in organic pastures, ensuring you a taste experience that's authentic and unforgettable.

      3 oz bags

      Made with Non-Organic ingredients 



      Our Angus Beef Jerky is made using top cuts from our Certified Organic Beef and our Bacon Jerky is made using Bacon from our Certified Organic Pork.  

      Angus Beef Jerky Flavors ~ 

      • Carne Asada
      • Garlic Pepper
      • Mango Habanero
      • Traditional Western
      • Sea Salt & Pepper

      Bacon Jerky Flavors ~ 

      • Brown Sugar & Maple
      • Western Barbecue Style
      • Applewood Smoky Flavor

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