A holistic approach to producing Organic and Regenerative Food for communities near and far. 

StarWalker Organic farms is passionate about holistic agriculture practices!

We have put a plan in practice here at StarWalker Organic Farms that ensures over time the soil, water, air and biodiversity are maintained to the greatest extent possible.  

What Matters To Us

Healthy Soil, Healthy Animals, Healthy Communities, Nutritious and
Abundant yields, Super Charging Carbon Sequestration.

Going Beyond Sustainable!

What Will We Do

Minimize Soil Disturbance - No chemicals and reduce the amount of physical disturbance (low-or no-tillage).  Our goal is to increases soil organic matter over time and sequester carbon below and above ground, which could be a tool to mitigate climate change.

Maximize diversity with plants & animals. A way to naturally defend against pests and diseases, while improving soil health and the Ecosystem.  Integrate grazing livestock wherever possible which supports healthy plants and soil. 

Keep the soil covered year-round & maintain a living root year-round - Soil is alive and needs food to survive, it eats carbon that’s photosynthesized by plants out of the atmosphere and pumped below ground.  By growing every day of the year, we’re maximizing the amount of carbon sequestered to feed the soil and keep it healthy.

StarWalker Organic Farms

Going beyond Organic

Vegetative cover, crop rotation, minimal soil disturbance, rotational grazing, compost, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. 

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