Embracing Ethical Pig Farming: A Journey Towards Sustainable Agriculture

StarWalker Organic Farms: Our Commitment to Ethical Pig Care

At StarWalker Organic Farms, we are dedicated to raising our pigs in a way that honors their natural behaviors and needs, while also ensuring the highest standards of organic and humane care. Our approach to regenerative pig farming is deeply rooted in our commitment to sustainability, animal welfare, and producing the highest quality organic pork.

Our Organic and Humane Practices

        •       Certified Organic: We are proudly certified by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), ensuring that all our pigs are raised on organic feed and in an environment that meets strict organic standards.
        •       Nutritionally Balanced Diet: Our pigs are fed a diet formulated by expert nutritionists, ensuring they receive the optimal balance of proteins and minerals. At the beginning of 2024, we made a significant shift to a corn and soy-free diet, further enhancing the quality of our pork.
        •       Outdoor Living: All our pigs live outdoors for their entire lives. They have access to pastures or dry lots, allowing them to engage in natural behaviors like rooting and foraging.
        •       Farrow to Finish Operation: We manage the entire lifecycle of our pigs on our organic farmland. From birth to maturity, they are cared for under our watchful eye, ensuring consistent and high-quality care throughout their lives.
        •       Non-GMO and Prop 12 Compliant: Our feed is entirely non-GMO, adhering to Proposition 12 standards, which mandate specific space requirements for breeding pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens.
        •       GAP Certified: We adhere to the Global Animal Partnership standards for animal welfare, which underscores our commitment to humane and ethical treatment of our pigs.
        •       Breeds: Our pigs are primarily Yorkshire/Landrace breeds, with Duroc boars. This combination is chosen for its robust health, adaptability to outdoor living, and quality meat production.

Why Choose StarWalker Organic Pork?

        1.      Healthier Pigs, Healthier Pork: Our organic and humane farming practices result in healthier pigs and, consequently, higher quality meat. Our pork is free from antibiotics, hormones, and harmful additives.
        2.      Sustainable Farming: By choosing our pork, you support sustainable farming practices that benefit the environment, the animals, and the community.
        3.      Ethical Choice: Our commitment to animal welfare means that you can enjoy our pork knowing that it comes from a farm that treats its animals with respect and dignity.
        4.      Exceptional Taste: Our unique approach to pig farming, including our specially formulated diet and outdoor living conditions, contributes to the exceptional taste and quality of our pork.

Our Promise to You

At StarWalker Organic Farms, we believe in transparency and are always open to questions and discussions about our farming practices. We invite you to learn more about our approach to pig care and how it contributes to the superior quality of our pork products.

Join us in supporting sustainable, humane, and organic farming. Together, we can make a difference for our health, our animals, and our planet. 🌱🐖

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