January 2022 Newsletter

What's new at StarWalker Organic Farms ~ 

Our cows have just finished calving for the winter season.  We currently have 75 head of Angus and Scottish Highland cows. We feed our cows only organic grass and alfalfa hay. That’s all! No fillers or grains. We go through approximately  2000 lbs of organic hay per day. Our cows live happily roaming on our farmland. We have lots of pictures of our herd on our social media sites. Please take a peek and see! 

We just  had a group of sows farrow last week and welcomed 25 new baby piggies. They will be moved with their mamas into the group farrowing pasture at the end of this week. Our babies stay with their moms for a total of 8 weeks when they are strong and independent.   They then go into another pasture on the farm where they eat, sleep and roam together until maturity. Take a peek at our pigs on social media!

We are always busy year round on the farm.  Winter is filled with working in the shop repairing and servicing equipment as well as  getting set up to hop out in the fields as soon as the weather permits.  We are installing 2 center pivot irrigation systems on our farming ground which will greatly increase our efficiency and yield for the next farming season. The next season ramps up in early March. 

Our new Beef Snack Sticks are now available to purchase on our website and at local farmer’s markets. These new snacks are 4oz and protein packed. They make an easy to grab on the go and delicious snack. They are sugar free and we’ve used a touch of honey to round out the flavor. We love them and we’d love to hear your feedback! 

After many requests we now offer No-Sugar Bacon! This new bacon is the same as our delicious bacon but without any added sugar Just in time for those sugar free New Years resolutions! Don’t worry, if you like our original Bacon we will continue to offer both.

After many sausage requests we are low offering “plain” sugar free, ground pork sausage! You can spice this ground sausage any way you like. Sweet or savory! Just add your own spices and enjoy in sauces, soups, stir fry’s or stuffed inside homemade ravioli, potstickers or bell peppers!

Watch for the January “Three day Flash Sale” to save 20% on Beef, Pork, & Jerky.

Did you know we are now offering monthly giveaways?! For the past 2 months we have offered a giveaway to our customers with great prizes.  We appreciate you as a customer and love giving you a chance to win our beef & pork. 

For the month of January we will be giving away a Yeti Cooler filled with 30 lbs of Beef & Pork.  Here’s how to enter ~ for every $10 you spend, you will receive an entry into the drawing.  Drawings take place on the last day of the month. The Winner will be contacted by email and announced on our social media pages.  Continue to stay tuned each month as we announce what each monthly giveaway prize will be!

Thank you for being our customer!