Why us?

We are a Certified Organic and Certified Humane Family Farm

StarWalker Organic Farms is a 3rd generation Certified Organic and Certified Humane family-owned organic farm set in the foothills of the Marble Mountains in beautiful Fort Jones, California.

Our story begins 3 generations ago. When the Walker family’s grandfather purchased the StarWalker Farm in the year 1970. Later it would be cultivated by the second generation Bruce & Lisa Walker who ran the organic farm for over 30 years.  Their oldest son Jason Walker and his family decided to move back to their home town and continue the family farm tradition.

Kristina and Jason Walker and their two children, Cobi & Calii love life on the farm.  

What will you find on the farm at StarWalker Organic Farms?

For starters, our family!   Our family is built on tradition, integrity, and love. These are the very same values we pass on to our children to ensure our family’s spirit of excellence is passed on throughout its future generations. Our farm was formed by the great patriarchs and matriarchs of our family - each day they’d arise the same time as the sun. Then they would roll up their sleeves to begin the day's work of caring for the animals and the farm daily. This tradition of value, love, and true care is still alive and vibrant in our family today!

As far as the animals on our farm you’ll see Beautiful Scottish Highland Cows, Heritage Breed Pigs, Boars, Sows as well as lots of baby piglets. We also have chickens, a few roosters, a duck, and our English Mastiff dogs named Sasha & Diesel!

As life-long farmers that work with animals on a daily basis, we understand the importance of going to the extreme to cultivate the perfect environment for our animals, in order to produce our high-quality meat. As a family soil runs through our veins, as we work daily on our organic field, day in and day out.