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Quality Meats, Responsibly Crafted

About StarHarvest

Who We Are

At StarHarvest, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive,
humane, and high-quality meat processing services. We maintain the
highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring that every
product we handle is not only delicious but also ethically produced.

Our Services

StarHarvest offers a full range of meat processing services tailored to meet the needs of both small and
large-scale operations. Our services include:

  • Kill: Utilizing humane practices that respect the dignity of each animal.
  • Cut: Precision butchery that maximizes quality and yield.
  • Process: Expert handling to ensure safety and quality from start to finish.
  • Package: Efficient and secure packaging solutions that maintain product integrity.

Value-Added Products: Crafting a variety of premium products such as bacon, hams, sausage, jerky, and more.

Committed to Excellence

USDA Certified & Organic

We operate a USDA-certified facility, adhering strictly to the highest federal standards for health, safety, and operational protocols. Additionally, as a Certified Organic processor, we guarantee that our practices meet all organic standards, preserving the integrity of organically raised livestock.

Expert Butchery

At StarHarvest, we are committed to the art and science of meat processing. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering the best possible product. We leverage advanced techniques and technology to ensure the quality, safety, and flavor of the meat we process.

Partner with Us

We welcome partnerships with farmers, ranchers, and retailers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Whether you are looking to process livestock or are interested in our range of value-added products, StarHarvest is equipped to meet your needs.